So we made it! One year of marriage!! How time flies .. It really only feels like yesterday that we walked out of the temple doors as husband and wife .. As with any anniversary that comes up, you can’t help but reflect on where the time has taken you .. What experiences and trials [...]

It’s Official!

Hello, So if you’re reading this, it means my blog is finally live!!! WELCOME!! So over the last month I’ve just been building my blog and inserting a couple of posts as I get it all sorted but this is my first official post since becoming live! I’ve written about dating the last couple blogs [...]

Dating Continued..

Hello, hello! So after my latest post, (read it here), I had a little break in writing.. We’ve been so busy! We’ve had a few weddings, work, my hubby started at school and as you know, life throws it’s little twists and turns! But it’s been fun. However, the break is over and I’m back! [...]

Dating 101

So now that you know our story, (if you don’t, you can read it here), I figured it was time to start talking! DATING! Now we all know this can be a very daunting activity.. Guy or girl .. But it really doesn’t have to be. We live in a time today where so many [...]

And So It Begins..

Hello lovely people! Welcome to my first ever blog post!! Ahhh the excitement in my bones.. For a few weeks I’ve had this prompting in my heart that I needed to start blogging; whether for my own benefit or the benefit of you reading, I couldn’t put it off any longer! And so it begins.. [...]