2 Years On:Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Today is a special day for my hubby and I; it’s the day we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

If you’ve read our story, you’ll know getting this guy to actually want to talk to me was a mission, so you can imagine how happy I was when he finally asked! (I will be honest and say I was contemplating having to ask him myself).

2 years ago, this guy left a little bit of intrigue in my heart when we met for the first time. I don’t know what it was but I had to get to know him. The way he carried himself was something I admired; the way he interacted with others and the confidence he had in himself was something that attracted me to him. I had to know what he was like.

After a few days of trying, I was about to give up; until the jetty. It was there he finally opened up and allowed himself to actually talk to me and not run away. (Well, he could have but it would have been into the water to swim across the lake). From that night, I knew he would be someone special.

We spoke all day and night the following few days; it didn’t matter what about, but we just had to talk. I was falling for this guy and I was falling fast.

The problem with that, is you never want to get hurt; and if you have before, you’re always conscious of how you go about the next time. This was my dilemma. I had to know he wouldn’t hurt me, that he was telling the truth and not just saying what I wanted to hear. After a week though, I knew he was all in – and he meant it.

After the Valentine’s dance, I knew he was someone I needed to be with. He made me feel alive, and like myself again. He made me look forward to things and get excited for everything. Although I made him wait yet another day for me to be his girlfriend, I just had to make sure. For me, this was it. If I dated him, I would marry him.

After a beautiful Valentine’s day together spent at the temple meeting his family, and hanging out with mine, and then attending a bonfire and activities, I knew he was it. When he asked me again, there was no way I couldn’t say yes. After all the chasing from my end and his, we had finally reached our finish line, and it was together.

On this Valentine’s day, I wanted to write an open letter to my best friend, my headache, my inspiration, my supporter, my number one fan; my husband.

Valentines Day:Why We Celebrate | www.mrsyolo.com

My love, I am so grateful for you and for all you do. I love that you are everything I need.

When I met you, I knew it wouldn’t be the end, it’s why I persisted with you and your stubbornness. I knew that whatever was to happen, it would be something beautiful.

You have completed me in ways no one else could; you have fixed what couldn’t otherwise be fixed, and you have strengthened me in ways no other could. You are every reason why it didn’t work out with anyone else.

You are strong, independent, kind, loyal, caring, funny, smart, ambitious, goal oriented, a hard worker, determined and so many other things. To see you set goals and strive to achieve more than you ever felt you could, has been such a blessing for me to witness. To see you strive to be better than what anyone has told you you can be, has been amazing for me.

To see where you started and where you are going, and being with you every step of the way, has been a beautiful experience for me. You are amazing and anything you want to do, you will succeed in.

I know it’s been tough for us, but what the trials have taught us, is something I wouldn’t pass up or disregard. They have changed us for the better and we are so much stronger because of it; YOU are so much stronger because of it.

You continue to amaze me with the ideas and goals you have; with the refreshing enthusiasm to be more than what you currently are. It is a privilege to see you grow and develop into an amazing man.

You inspire me to be whatever I want to be, you support me in anything I want to do. You keep it straight with me and you help me when I lose my mind. You are my sanity, my memory, my inspiration, my dream and my future. Without you, I couldn’t begin to achieve what goals I have set. You keep me focused and you keep me going when I get discouraged.

My love, you are all I need, whether I know it or not.

Without you, I lose what you inspire.

I love you,

Valentines Day:Why We Celebrate | www.mrsyolo.com

Your wife.

Valentine’s day isn’t just a day for celebrating love for us, it’s the day we unknowingly started our lives together. It’s a day that is special for us and brings back so many beautiful memories that we cherish.

At the end of the day, we choose to celebrate memories and moments, and February 14th is the day our lives began.

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