Hello lovely people!

Welcome to my first ever blog post!! Ahhh the excitement in my bones..

For a few weeks I’ve had this prompting in my heart that I needed to start blogging; whether for my own benefit or the benefit of you reading, I couldn’t put it off any longer! And so it begins..

To begin, I guess we need to start at the beginning.. OF OUR STORY!

Being a member of the LDS church (Mormon) we have a group called Young Single Adults or YSA which consists of people aged 18-30. The main purpose of this is for us to not only meet new people, but to eventually find our eternal companion.

At the age of 21, I was on a fence; am I really looking for my husband right now or do I have so much more to experience? Let me be the first to say, ever since I can remember I looked forward to my wedding day.. Who would I marry? What dress would I wear? What would the day be like? .. You know, what we ALL think. So while the idea of a wedding day was something I looked forward to, was an actual marriage something I was ready for?

Now back to my fence.. After spending 2 years in Australia, it was time for me to come home. I had accomplished the goal of finding myself, of finding good friends and of restoring my faith in which I thought I had lost. Leaving was not an easy task, but I had faith in the fact that the Lord had told me to come home and all would be well. Of course I had no idea what the reason was… Until 2 months later 🙂

In our church, we often hold conferences for the YSA that are usually held over a weekend. We get together on a national level and play sports, dance, share talents and participate in workshops. It’s actually an awesome time! Going to this conference was a chance for me to reconnect with a life back here in New Zealand; To catch up with old friends, make new ones, and really have a good time. NEVER did I expect to find MY eternal companion. But I did 🙂

Soooo, how did I meet him??

My sister and I were attending the ball held for the conference.. Everyone looked so good! Dresses, suits, heels and ties.. We all looked pretty good! I was dancing with our little group of friends when another friend cut in to say hi (of course we had already actually said hi lol but I’m sure you can guess why the second hi happened), and with him was a cousin he brought over to introduce to us. After saying hi and shaking his hand, I went on my merry way dancing with friends and having a good time. After the night was over we said bye to everyone and off we went.

Now, this is where it gets interesting.

Over the next couple days, whenever I saw Manu, I would give him a friendly wave, say hi and try to start a conversation (I was there to make friends after all!). After mumbling a quick hi, he’d say he was good then walk off. Meanwhile I’m standing there thinking, “WHAT? Lol, nothing?” This went on multiple times over the next few days.

This brings me to Saturday. So we have a little talent show that a few people have entered. As the night goes on, everyone is super hyped with seeing all the familiar faces perform. Then out of nowhere, who gets up?? MANU!! (if you want to see his performance (go on, you know you want to!!), press PLAY!

– video credit goes to our awesome videographers from the show BeyondCompare Films and the Hettig Brothers!)

After his performance I was like, WOW! I HAVE TO KNOW THIS GUY MORE! Lol not that I hadn’t already tried! So I thought to myself, okay, tomorrow is the last day and maybe my last chance.. Give it your all!

So Sunday comes along and I’m participating in a workshop with my sister. We run the YouTube station and our job is to get people to watch a couple Mormon Messages and then share it to their FB page (the aim was to start sharing positive messages rather than negative). So as me and my sister are going through our group, Manu stands at the door staring. He waited for our group to finish then sat down and waited for me to talk. Since he was the only one, I spoke just to him.. LONGEST conversation we had had that whole weekend! Then I left him to it.

That night, I was going around saying bye to all the new people we had met over the weekend. Just as we were about to leave, I heard Manu’s voice in the distance so I went over to say bye. As I went over, I cut in front of a girl he was talking to (if you’re reading this I am sorry!) and asked him for his number so we could catch up later. Then after he gave me his land line (because he never had a mobile until we started dating) I asked him if he was coming to the lake to hang out with a bunch of us.. He said maybe.. COME ON! (at that point I thought it was time to throw in the towel) We hugged and said goodbye.

BUT, this was NOT goodbye!! HE CAME TO THE LAKE!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!! (he took ages to get there though!) So after he arrived I sat next to him while he played the guitar and spoke to everyone BUT me. (I know, you’re sitting there slapping your forehead that I didn’t just give up..) but I knew I couldn’t give up .. I HAD TO WIN this one 🙂

Manu got up to talk to his cousin and then went swimming. I sat there watching for a bit and then thought, it’s now or never. He was running down the jetty doing weird things and so I walked down and trapped him there. We stayed there for 5 HOURS and talked. It was awesome! He even asked me on a date.. (If you’re cheering in your head, then ME TOO!! haha even though it’s my life lol) When we realised what the time was, he walked me back to the car and we said goodbye. (This time for real lol)

And after that we vibered, facebook chatted and did whatever we could to talk.. I was hooked!

We started dating a week later, (so cliche but accidentally on Valentines Day), were engaged a month later and married less than 3 months later. (Fast I know, but when you know, you know)

Since then we have had so many experiences, both good and bad, but all being worthwhile because my best friend is right there with me.

So now you know our story..

What’s yours? 🙂


First Date
First Date
First Photo Shoot
First Photo Shoot
We're Engaged!
We’re Engaged!
Married <3
Married <3

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